How do you become “financially free”?  

The answer is in two words:  “Passive Income.” I have been fortunate enough to be able to plan early on and focus on generating some passive income. In this blog, I will write about my investment strategies and decisions, how to grow “passive income” and thereby “net-worth” (focus being on passive income). I will also account from time to time, how I am managing my investments and retirement income versus expenses.

About the Author:

To provide some perspectives on myself, my views and articles:
  • I am in my mid-fifties and early retired from my primary profession, which has been in Engineering/IT sector.
  • I have a keen interest in personal finance and investing in general.
  • I am particularly a fan of “dividend paying and dividend growing” stocks.
  • I firmly believe in asset-based diversification i.e. investing in different types of assets, such as Real-Estate (physical properties) besides Stocks.
  • I strongly believe in regular savings, generating passive income and power of compounding. These three are the essential pillars of achieving financial freedom.
You are welcome to leave your feedback/comments. I hope this blog will help and inspire folks to start saving early on and invest wisely as well as I hope to learn from other’s experiences.

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